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The Carter House Ingleside Port Colborne Ontario

The Carter House Port Colborne and Anne of Ingleside

There’s something about grand old houses that rouses the storyteller and the curious cat in me. So, when I serendipitously came across The Carter House in Port Colborne Ontario I was smitten. A little bit of Googling produced the results. The house was built in 1867 for the Carter family and remained in the family…

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Magnolia Alley Niagara Falls at the Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse

Magnolia Alley Niagara Falls Love at First Sight

Magnolia Alley in Niagara Falls is a feast for the senses. A nature lovers delight. And don’t say I didn’t warn you about falling in love here. I can’t gush enough about this place and I feel blessed to live so close by. I have visited in every season and every season has its wonders,…

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Spring is Late and I'm Craving Flowers

Spring is Late and I’m Craving Flowers

It’s been particularly cool this spring in Niagara, Canada. Cherry Blossoms have barely budded and the lilacs are still tiny pods waiting to burst forth. As I wander around my garden, I can’t help but crave the colour and beauty of flowers. What do you do when you are craving flowers and it has been…

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Anne with an E and the beauty of nature

Anne With an E and the Beauty of Nature

Lately I’ve been watching Anne with an E. It is, I am proud to say, a Canadian show based on the classic book series beginning with Anne of Green Gables. The television series is a partnership between the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Netflix. I’ve binged watched the three seasons, and yearn for more. Apparently the…

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Where to find cherry blossoms in Niagara and when.

Where to Find Cherry Blossoms in Niagara

In about a month Niagara cherry farms will glow in shades of pinks and soft whites as cherry blossoms come to life. It is a beautiful time of year as spring brings with it the blooming of fruit trees throughout this spectacular region. Cherry blossoms seem to be the favourite for people all over the…

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The Story of the Great Lakes Freighters at Port Colborne Port Promenade and Canal

The Story of the Great Lakes Freighters

Ice thins and water seeps through the cracks severing winter’s grip. The softening March air and warming sunshine expedite the process and the canal returns to its former liquid state releasing the huge Great Lakes freighters that dock here in Port Colborne for their compulsory winter’s rest. This is the life of a Great Lake…

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What is the Meaning of Spring

Happy first day of Spring! Here she comes bringing joy and hope. Full of meaning. This past week Spring provided a teaser. We had two beautiful days of almost summer weather with temperatures as high as 20C. Suddenly, the birds emerged singing their beautiful songs, flitting from branch to branch with excitement in the season.…

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Time is Love: Here’s How I Know

As a young person coming of age in the 80s I bought in to the North American ideals of success. My big hair, six inch heels and peplum style designer suits were the lexicon of the era. Rushing was valued and achievement, at any cost, was applauded. I bought in completely and without question, and…

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When Sundays Were Slow

If you are from my generation you’ll remember a time when Sundays really were the restful day of the week. Shops and malls were closed. There was time for a leisurely breakfast after a slow wakening. And some people found joy in taking the day to visit church and immerse themselves in their faith. I…

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The Story of La Grande Hermine a ship in Jordan Harbour Niagara that looks like an old pirate ship and has been sitting used in harbour for years.

The Story of La Grande Hermine Dreams Lived Dreams Broken

If you’ve driven along the QEW between Toronto and Niagara Falls there’s a good chance you noticed the pirate ship in Jordan Harbour. The story of La Grande Hermine is about dreams. And it was someone’s dream that brought this ship to the Niagara Region of Lake Ontario. In 1535 the great French Explorer, Jacques…

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Learning to Accept Change Like the Seasons

Change isn’t easy, but it is a part of our daily lives. Depending on the change we’re facing we may choose to dig in and hold fast to our belief systems even when they don’t benefit us. Learning to accept change like the seasons keeps us evolving. Nature teaches us many joyful lessons, one of…

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Montefioralle A little Italian Village behind stone walls

Montefioralle A Tiny Italian Village Hidden Behind Stone Walls

In Tuscany between Florence and Sienna you will find the prettiest tiny Italian Village tucked neatly behind stone walls. This is Montefioralle, a place that dates back to the 11th century where double stone walls were built in an elliptical shape as fortification against the marauders that existed in the Chianti area. Let me take…

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Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens A Secret Wonder

Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens A Secret Wonder

Just down the road from Niagara Falls, one of the world’s natural wonders, is a beautiful botanical garden with 99 lush acres of flowers, plants, trees and plenty of open spaces to wander and relax. The Niagara Parks Botanical Garden truly is a secret wonder, because when we visited, there were only a handful of…

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Gage Park Greenhouse in Hamilton, Ontario A Joyful Winter Respite

Gage Park Greenhouse A Joyful Winter Respite

February in Canada brings some sunny days, but plenty of cold, often snow or at least rain of the freezing variety. Unable to escape to warmer climes means that we can find the tropics right here at the Gage Park Greenhouse in Hamilton, Ontario. This greenhouse is fairly new, having opened in March 2019. I…

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Happy Valentines Day

Hope you have a lover in your life on this special day that celebrates love. Modern North American celebrations include wishing even those who are not your one true love. So Happy Valentines Day! If you haven’t found your one true love, here’s my little message for you. Love is unstoppable! May you know love…

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Christmas lights around a lampost. The joy of celebrations

The Joy of Celebrations

It is February 1st, the beginning of a new month and according to the Chinese calendar the beginning of a new lunar year – The Year of the Tiger. Tomorrow will be groundhog day, here in Canada. And in a few days the start of the Olympics will be celebrated in Beijing. We also celebrate…

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SeaTrek Grand Cayman Walking on the sea floor

Walking on the Ocean Floor

Just before my feet hit the soft white sand the pressure in my ears cleared. It was the kind of quiet rarely experienced on the surface of the planet.  My eyes adjusted to the pale turquoise water, and I noticed the coral with fish swimming about unhindered, and uncaring of my presence.  Walking upright, barefooted…

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Mystery in the Woods

Mystery in the Woods

Here’s a Bloganuary prompt I can get behind. When asked, “Write about something mysterious,” that’s easy. I already had this post ready, at least in my head. And what a mysterious conundrum it is. Watch this video and let me know your thoughts. How did it get there? Who put it there? Is it something…

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Southern Ontario Snow Storm Jan 2022

Snowstorm Adventures and Some Joy

Southern Ontario received a walloping today. We were well advised of this snowstorm and it came through as promised, not the usual weather hyperbole. With between 30 and 50 cms being dumped in just a few hours (depending on where you were) the roads were a mess, major highways were closed, and there were plenty…

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Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple Niagara Falls

Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple: A Place of Peace

The warm sunshine and cool air mixed together under a clear blue sky setting the tone for a beautiful day spent at the Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple here in Niagara Falls, Canada. It is also known as the Sarira Stupa and Chan Shan Temple. Completed in 2001, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple is a seven…

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You never know what you'll find on a summer walk. Perhaps you'll find gratitude.

Gratitude on a Summer Walk

Yes, it is the middle of winter here in the northern hemisphere, so why a summer walk now? Because from my perspective, this is exactly when I need it most. Come along with me and let’s see what we find. Walking in the woods, just being quiet in nature brings a lot of joy, and…

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Sunset beach St. Catharines Niagara Ontario

It’s No Laughing Matter

The sun is setting on my Bloganuary efforts and I have three reasons why. Let me tell you. If you would like to listen. For one, this virus is playing a great game with me. Sometimes using my head as a futbol and at other times burning me like I’ve taken a trip to the…

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Inspired or Not

Today’s Bloganuary prompt from WordPress asks, Who is someone that inspires you and why? To me, inspiring people are everywhere. I could write at length about great minds from earlier times like Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, and everyday heroes that are working through this pandemic tirelessly. I could also write about people like yourself…

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Florence Italy. I wish I knew. Bloganuary Day 5

I Wish I Knew: Bloganuary Day 5

Today’s Bloganuary prompt from WordPress is, What is something you wish you knew how to do. For me the biggest thing I wish I knew how to do would be to go back in time when international travelling was easier. Provided of course we don’t have to come back and live through all this madness…

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Bloganuary Day 4 A favourite toy

Childhood Toys: Bloganuary Day 4

It was about 3 am when my brother whispered quietly, but excitedly, “Santa’s been here!” I crept down to the bottom edge of my bed, which gave a narrowed view of the living room in the distance, to verify his exclamation. He was right! The dim night light outlined shapes on and around the sofa…

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Comfort Zone: Bloganuary Day 3

Today’s Bloganuary prompt from WordPress is, Write about the last time you left your comfort zone. What’s more important is knowing when to stay in your comfort zone. Yes there are times to just stay in bed with a cup of ginger tea, serene and comfortable. Times like when you have COVID.

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Bloganuary Day 2 Road Trip Dreams in Italy

Road Trip Dreams in Italy: Bloganuary Day 2

Today’s Bloganuary prompt from WordPress is, What is a road trip you would love to take? That’s easy peasy, because a road trip to anywhere conjures up great visions of summer freedom and fun. I have a romantic notion of road trips, the open road, rest stops along the way, naked feet up on the…

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Bloganuary Day 1. A blog a day for January, thanks to WordPress.

Listen Up Kid: Bloganuary Day 1

Today’s Bloganuary prompt from WordPress is, What advice would you give your teenage self? For me, I’d tell my teenage self these 9 things: Enjoy that Big Mac and large fries. You probably won’t later on because you know, health and guilt. Skinny jeans will be back in vogue, but don’t keep them because they…

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A trip along the Huron Shores will bring you to Bayfield Ontario along Highway 21. This pretty and quaint little village is not to be missed.

Things to Do and See in Bayfield Ontario

Bayfield Ontario is a quaint little village that sits perfectly on the shores of Lake Huron. Part of the Bluewater municipality, Bayfield has a population of about 1200 people, and the entire village was designated a heritage district in 1982.  It has a long history belonging to early Canadian settlers who travelled here along the…

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Finding Joy in the inbetween

Finding Joy in the In-Between

Joy is that emotion defined by the Oxford dictionary as “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.” But it is so much more than that. While happiness is something that everyone pursues fervently, joy is that feeling of contentment that is permanently coupled with peace. You can’t have one without the other, but you can…

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Big Bay Ontario The Stone Skipping Capital of CanadaBig Bay Ontario The Stone Skipping Capital of Canada

Big Bay The Stone Skipping Capital of Canada

Have you ever skipped stones?  A lazy day spent by the lake tossing stones and watching them skip on the surface of the water is a summer dream.  It takes practice and many summers to perfect the skill. And though I’m not very good at it, I tried my hand at it in the Stone…

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Book Review A Walk by the Sea by Krisztina Csiki

A Walk by the Sea by Krisztina Csiki: Book Review

A Walk by the Sea written by author Krisztina Csiki is a story about relationships and the depth of feeling that comes from both beautiful and difficult ones. If you’re looking for an autobahn speed fast-paced thriller this book isn’t for you, but if you are looking for depth, lyrical prose, and a story that…

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Centennial Lilac Garden Niagara Falls Ontario Canada. A great place to visit when the lilacs bloom each spring.

Centennial Lilac Garden Niagara Falls

There was a time when if you were driving along the Niagara Parkway from Niagara Falls towards Queenston, you would have driven right by the Centennial Lilac Garden in Niagara Falls, and may have missed it. Thanks to a new road sign by Niagara Parks you will be tempted to pull into the driveway especially…

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Post It Notes and Freedom. A thank you to Niagara Health.

Post It Notes and Freedom

Have you ever used a Post-It note?  You know those little colourful squares that you can write on and stick anywhere?  One of man’s greatest inventions. If you’re like me you’ve used these little stickies as reminders to yourself or others, placed them along pages in a file folder, written little instructions and stuck them…

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Into the Dark by Robert Hookey Book Review

Into the Dark by Robert Hookey Book Review

If you follow Robert Hookey’s blog, You’ve Been Hooked, then you are already captivated by this author’s writing.  So, when I heard that The Hook had written a book during the pandemic lockdowns, I had to grab it. As a genre I would not have picked up this book, but then I would have missed…

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Riedel Winewings wine glasses winged satisfaction

Riedel Winewings Winged Satisfaction

She moved through the square.  The weight of her bejewelled deep purple gown made lighter by the merriment around her. Each handsewn gem and jewel glittered like the night sky in the Italian countryside. The shimmer compounded by the brilliant February sunshine.   Her feathery wings swayed gently as she stepped through the crowds with…

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The Green Book a Travel Guide from the Mid Twentieth Century

The Green Book: Friday Fictioneers

Victor sat in a dark coffee shop mulling over his plan.  Water had flooded the floor making the tiles as slick and shiny as the varnished wooden table he shared with his postal worker friends.  The burst pipe had caused a distraction, and cacophonous chatter filled his ears, but he was not averted from his…

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he Green Book a Travel Guide from the Mid Twentieth Century

The Green Book Are We There Yet

“I hope this isn’t a sundown town.” She whispered quietly to him.  Their hands rested together between them on the Caribbean blue vinyl front seat of their brand new 1958 Packard. Her thumb rubbed the back of his hand tensely as she spoke. The road ahead was dark. He lifted his hand away to rub…

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The Story of John Hemingway and Beronia. What's the connection in this wine review and short winemotion story.

A Celtic Connection: Beronia and John Hemingway

John stood at the big picture window in his living room.  The olive green carpet where he stood had been worn bare by his long and wistful starings out the window.  He looked up and down the street, not a soul in sight.  Shrouded in silence he stood between the orange and pink floral curtains…

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Hernder Winery Baco Noir a wine story and a dance

Hernder Estate Winery

Hernder Estate Winery is a generations old family business in the heart of Niagara wine country.  Drive along the back roads of the beautiful Niagara region to experience the countryside that is a stunning precursor to an equally beautiful winery.  The Winery The covered bridge is a magnificent introduction to all that awaits you on…

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Hernder Winery Baco Noir a wine story and a dance

Hernder Winery Baco Noir a Triumphant Dance

She danced, twirling in a daze.  Her short chiffon skirt trying to keep up with the energy of her movements as she pirouetted and flew into a perfectly timed jete. She was used to the crowds, the uproarious clapping, and the flashes from cameras, but today it was silent.  Today was a day of practice,…

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Artist Antonio Merino is one in a million, creating joyful pandemic art on display at the Escarpment Rail Trail in Hamilton.

Artist Antonio Merino is One in a Million

Antonio Merino sat in the dappled sunlight with his heart open for everyone to see.  Pieces of painted rocks brought together in shapes on the wooded ground under a canopy of trees, and art created from natural elements existed in a symphonic cacophony of Antonio’s love, positivity, and joy.  In my occasional search for Uli,…

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Pelee Island Winery Ruggles Run. The story of Lola and the Grey Fox. Not just a wine review.

Lola and Pelee Island Ruggles Run

Lola walked along the shoreline, the ferry in the distance had left the dock about 20 minutes before.  She had said her goodbyes and headed back to the cottage with plans to sit in the sunshine with a glass of wine and a good book.  This would be the salve this afternoon.  Goodbyes are always…

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American Dream. A 100 word story for Friday Fictioneers. Photo Prompt by CE Ayr

American Dream: Friday Fictioneers

Manuel looked out over the water with thoughts of his father flipping through his head like a rolodex of memories.  Pedro had taken the bold step of courageously sailing across these waters, leaving everything he knew and loved behind.  He did it in hopes of a better life and for one day raising an Americano…

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Chilean Wines. Take the Quiz. Test your knowledge. Free and for fun!

Chilean Wine: Take the Quiz

Take a free and fun quiz to test your knowledge on Chilean Wines. Just 8 questions will help you learn the basics of the wines from this beautiful country and its amazing wine regions. When you’re done read my story about a Chilean Wine here. To Learn more about Chilean Wine you may choose to…

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Cono Sur Cabernet Sauvignon Camenere Blend 2019. A heavenly wine from Colchagua Chile. Read the story.

Cono Sur Colchagua Heaven in Chile

Imagine riding a bicycle through the miles and miles of vineyards in Chile.  You may find yourself in the Colchagua Valley, a wine sub region in central Chile.  The bicycle on the label brought great visions of a gentle excursion.  A long stick of bread, some Chanco (Chilean cheese) and a bottle of Cono Sur’s…

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A Poem: Woman and a picture of the Niagara River.


Like a river I run Wild and Free Reflecting the sky Seeking my destiny Sometimes calm Sometimes raging beneath That power is mine and must be released The rocks and boulders Can’t hold me now I tumble I fall But I’ve made it somehow I am woman This river is me Flowing together We become…

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Chateau Timberlay Wine Story. Photographer William Krause at the Louvre, France.

Chateau Timberlay Bordeaux The Story

The Mercedes moves deftly, silently alongside the Garonne River. Claude rolls down the window that separates driver and passenger and asks if I would like another glass of wine. I’d like to, but I just reapplied my red velvet lipstick, the colour of the sensual residue in my glass. And with a tilt of my…

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We're Moving Out. A 100 word story for Friday Fictioneers.

We’re Moving Out: Friday Fictioneers

It wasn’t easy, but Jenna and Steve somehow managed.  School all day, working evenings. She a waitress.  Him delivering Amazon packages.  83 year old Jim was her regular customer and neighbour. Every evening as Jenna busily waited tables, she’d always spend some time with Jim.  They learned the hardships and joyful stories of each others…

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Bertie Hall Fort Erie, Niagara

Haunted Bertie Hall and the Underground Railroad in Niagara

On the corner of Phipps St. and Niagara Blvd in Fort Erie stands a Greek Revival mansion named Bertie Hall. A legendary Niagara home with a long history, Bertie Hall was a safe house to slaves escaping into Canada via the Underground Railroad.  The house has seen many lives pass through its doors and tales…

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The ditch

What Do You See

It’s that time of year when winter seems to be dragging on. Add to the ice, snow and cold, the misery of this pandemic, and life may seem as bleak as the grey salted asphalt roads. Out for a walk the other day I saw a ditch. A ditch? You ask laughingly. She’s going to…

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The Story of Josiah Henson and his escape to Niagara

The Story of Josiah Henson and His Escape to Niagara

Josiah Henson was a black man born into slavery in Maryland, USA on June 15, 1789.  He is a popular figure in Niagara history and the history of the Underground Railroad to Freedom.  His journey to Niagara was long and arduous and included unimaginable experiences that he circumvented and conquered. In his narrated autobiography which…

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Believe Everything you Read: Friday Fictioneers

“Have you seen my pills?” “They’re on the desk.” Dorothy said pointing. “Where on the desk?” “There beside the things!” “What things?” “The things I tidied up, in the corner.  Don’t make a mess.” Cecil ambled over, feeling around with his thin wrinkled hands.  At 92 he was slower than Dorothy, but as sharp as…

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Hope: Friday Fictioneers

Hail pelted the windows. Large golf balls, smashing glass, denting vehicles, turning the streets to an icy wasteland with shards pointing skyward. Some ran inside to burrow, wondering when the misery would end.  Some battled, thinking their path out of the melee was the only one.  Some brave souls weathered the storm, picked up the…

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Gone But Never Forgotten

I’d been driving for hours. My brain and body aching for sleep.  Searching, searching, for anyone.  For any human life. But I am surrounded only by dirt and trees on these broken roads. The rusty door of my pickup truck creaks as I push it open to stand on the dry soil at the end…

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Coutada Velha 2018 Portugese Red Wine Alentejo

Coutada Velha 2018

Imagine walking through a vineyard in Alentejo. Imagine the breeze gently rustling the vines, green and full as they grow in the Portugese sunshine. Rows upon rows of vineyards drinking in the sun and the softness of the summer breeze. In the distance the winemaker checks the grapes, are they ready? He wonders to himself.…

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Coutada Velha 2018 Portugese Red Wine Alentejo

This Wine Needs a Label

Abilio pulled the leaves off the vine giving the grapes space to breathe.  He checked each cluster with a precise eye, imagining the wine that would come of his labour.  His hands, dirty and dark from digging at the dirt, checking the root stocks, and testing the grapes between his fingers, waved excitedly as he…

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The Man Who Knew Infinity: Friday Fictioneers

Srinavasa’s pencil moved quickly across his paper.  He worked briskly, rushed, with urgency, trying to get the thoughts out, and the numbers out of his head.  Calculating, desperately searching for the answer, moving in circles around his desk covered with papers.  Rubbing his chin, eyes to the ceiling, the electricity of his thinking palpable in…

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Bienvenidos: Friday Fictioneers

Simone was in awe. Her head swiveled in every direction trying desperately to take it in.  The flowing white curtains, the sun, the sand, the immense pieces of art on the wall reflecting on the highly polished marble floors. She walked through the gargantuan lobby mesmerized by the view of the Caribbean beyond.  Azure waters…

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Niagara Wine Country

Niagara Winery Red Wines for your Holiday Table

Here are some great suggestions for red wines for your holiday table that will get you in the Christmas spirit. All are VQA wines that I have personally tasted and are sure to please. These wines are sure to amplify your holiday memories and we certainly need some amplification this year. I’ve posted this as…

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The Daily Escape: Friday Fictioneers

Felicity wrung her wrinkled hands as she peered through the upstairs window.  Every afternoon as the sun went behind the house the shadow of the chimney glared at her like a sentinel, ensuring she remained locked inside. It had been fifty long years.  How would they know she had been beautiful before this merciless pandemic…

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20 Bees at Lakeview Winery

If you are looking for a fun winery experience with an extensive variety of great tasting wines, Lakeview Wine Co. in Niagara-on-the-Lake is your place. The Winery Located in the popular winery zone on Niagara Stone Road, Lakeview has a good-sized tasting room that has plenty of space for wine tasting and shopping.  The friendly…

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An Apple a Day: Friday Fictioneers

Everyday at school Rachel uncovered the dreaded apple packed neatly at the bottom of her brown paper lunch bag. Everyday, mom’s fruit of choice was an apple. “How boring,” Rachel thought as she tucked yet another apple into the bottom of her locker. Everyday Rachel lied to mom when asked if the apple was eaten.…

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Uli Stairs Hamilton Ontario a handmade dream

Uli’s Stairs a Handmade Dream

I don’t know Uli.  I’ve never met him, though I wish I could.  I have walked his stairs down the Niagara Escarpment in Hamilton, and his story fascinates me.  There are plenty of stories surrounding Uli’s stairs.  His name, Ulrich shortened, is sometimes not remembered, just the way he likes it.  The lady I met…

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Villa Bacchus Winery and Bed and Breakfast Niagara

Villa Bacchus Winery: Italy in Niagara

Perbacco what a place!  And what wines!  Villa Bacchus is a boutique small lot winery and Bed and Breakfast on the Niagara Escarpment in Beamsville wine country.  Aptly named after the Roman God of wine and grapes, this place is absolutely heavenly. The Experience The arrival at this Italian style villa sets the tone for…

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Where’s the Floor: Friday Fictioneers

The taxi made its way up the dirt road, dust spewing into the air, squirrels darting away from the tires that bumped over mounds of uncut vegetation. As it came to a jerking stop Ursula jumped out into the summer sun, arms stretched towards the sky and squealed, “We’re here! It’s ours!  Bags forgotten she…

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Review of Calamus Estate Winery in Jordan Niagara Ontario

Calamus Estate Winery: Wine with the Stars

During these times of lockdowns, social distancing and staying six feet away from other people we are in search of ways to socialize while remaining safe and responsible. A great way to accomplish this is to spend time at a beautiful Niagara winery like Calamus Estate Winery. My afternoon lazing in the vineyard, sipping Calamus…

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Friday Fictioneers Story about Dolphin in Lake Ontario

Dolphin Escapes Marineland: Friday Fictioneers

Misty looked out at the early morning fog.  The lake moved in tones of grey and blue, undulant, rolling, reciprocating the peace she sought. The cozy blanket soft around her shoulders. Hands wrapped around the warm ceramic of her coffee cup. In the distance, out of the water rose an unusual figure. A dolphin?  In…

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Villa Le Corti Tuscany Italy, the wine cellars and the fabulous Chianti Classico wines

The Wine and Cellars at Villa Le Corti

It was a  beautiful sunny Tuscan day, the kind you dream about, or read about in books. Our driver wound his way along the Via Raccordo Autostradale on our way to Villa Le Corti in San Casciano in Val di Pesa.  Set on 230 acres in the Chianti countryside about 25 kms out of Florence…

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St. Kitts Timothy Hill

What’s the Hurry in St. Kitts: Friday Fictioneers

He raced around the island, stopping at every tourist attraction.  The view from Timothy Hill was fantastic, parting the Atlantic and the Caribbean. The time spent at Wingfield Estates was well worth it, but the speedy drive around the road that circles the island was making me nauseous. “What’s the hurry man?” I asked him. …

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Old Fort Erie Niagara Ontario

Old Fort Erie Niagara Ontario

On the Canadian shores of the magnificent Niagara River, which connects Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, stands an old fort that has a long history of protection and preservation. This is Old Fort Erie, sometimes referred to for student education and in historical journals as Fort Erie National Historic Site of Canada. Forts are often…

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No More Pillow Talk: Flash Fiction

She stood at the kitchen window pensive and disconnected.  The sink full of dishes had been waiting all night.  Her wrinkled hands picking up a dish absent-mindedly as she gazed into her neighbour’s kitchen. The early morning sunlit rays highlighted the dust floating in the air. She followed the beam with her eyes. It landed…

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The Gardens at Villa Le Corti Chianti Tuscany

This narrow door beyond the lavender was an inviting focal point for me in the garden at Villa Le Corti, the residence of the Principe Corsini and his family in Chianti Tuscany. The 230 acres of the estate set in the Tuscan landscape is splendid, but this garden door set in an ancient stone wall…

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Review of Trillium a novel by Margaret Lindsay Holton

Book Review: Trillium by Margaret Lindsay Holton

Experience Niagara through the eyes of three families in this historical and adventurous multi-generational fictitious epic by prolific Author, Margaret Lindsay Holton.  Trillium is a riveting story set around the shores of Lake Ontario, covering 250 years and begins with Tom Hartford. Tom, the eventual patriarch of the Hartford family, crosses the treacherous Niagara River…

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Thursday Doors in Florence

Thursday Doors in Florence Italy

The doors all over Florence, Italy are enormous heavy wooden doors that grace the façade of buildings and lead to fabulous courtyards tucked away from the bustle of the city. This magnificent door is on Lungarno Torrigiani which runs along the Arno river.  This river that runs through Florence separates the neighbourhoods geographically, but the…

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Brown is Better: Flash Fiction

We sat under the sunshine warm and toasty waiting for those rays of gold to do their work. We weren’t good enough as is, we needed to be brown. Brown was better.  People wanted brown. By afternoon we were ready.  Shirley picked us up one by one shining our smooth skin with the soft cloth…

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The Pianoman: Flash Fiction

The bell had rung.  The line had shut down.  The place was empty.  Artur did his rounds as he usually did.  Securing doors, turning on alarms, unplugging the toaster.  Then he’d sit and practice.  Two hours every night without fail.   He was going to be a famous pianist one day.  Go to school they…

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Legends Estate Winery

On the shores of Lake Ontario in Beamsville sits 30 acres of lush vineyards. This is Legends Estate Winery. The vineyard is a stunning backdrop for a wedding with its lovely white gazebo overlooking the lake. Or imagine a picnic on the grounds with a Legends Estate wine in hand. The wine shop offers Legends‘…

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Poor Aunt Esther: Flash Fiction

Every Wednesday afternoon Ella Gitterman brought her Tupperware containers filled with delicious dinners and desserts for her aging aunt.  Poor Aunt Esther hadn’t left her house in 12 years. Disabled and penurious, Ella was her lifeline, dutifully bringing meals, helping with cleaning, shopping, and all the other things Ella knew how to do well.  Ella…

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Badia a Passignano Tuscany Italy

Badia a Passignano: Eat, Stay, Dream, in Tuscany

I sat alone in a white wicker chair in the backyard of an ancient abbey overlooking the Tuscan hillside. There wasn’t a soul around.  I swallowed. The kind of repetitive swallow that indicates a looming sore throat.  Is it really sore?  Will it get worse?  I swallowed.  Here I was on my third day of…

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Twilight a Poem by Girl in Niagara

Twilight: A Poem

The golden hour, coffee in hand Gentle waves shift the sand Twilight flows, the glare it mellows the lines on her face and the leaves in yellows Sun dips down over the hill Her hands at rest, her heart is still Peace is here 44 words, by chance. I’ve missed the last two Friday Fictioneers,…

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The Niagara Escarpment Makes me Smile

South of the QEW, high above Lake Ontario is the Niagara Escarpment, lovingly referred to as The Mountain, by Niagarans (I think that’s what we’re called) and Hamiltonians.  Although it doesn’t fit the description of a mountain, this beautiful geological wonder is essentially a cliff that runs from Niagara Falls all the way to Tobermory…

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Shots Fired: Flash Fiction

She sat slumped, her hands face up, resting in her lap. Their weight like sandbags, barely holding the tissue that she would use to wipe the tears that fell onto her arms. It was just yesterday when he was still here. His blood spattered across the court. Today they washed the chalk lines and his…

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Niagara Falls in winter by Girl in Niagara

Words Like Niagara Falls: Flash Fiction

Words swarm me, exploding like fireworks bright and brilliant, full of meaning.  Their essence heavy on my chest.  Waiting for a chance to reveal themselves.  Waiting to dive deep beneath the dark blue surface. For now, they wait.  Held by responsibilities.  Standing in a neat row. Protected and silent.  Waiting for the door to burst…

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Oliv Restaurant at Strewn Winery: Out of this World

Along picturesque Lakeshore Road in Niagara-on-the-Lake you’ll find Strewn winery. Tucked inside the winery building is the delectable OLiV Restaurant. Strewn winery is a 10 acre property that once was a tender fruit cannery and was purchased and brought to life in 1997 as a winery. Though it is one of the smaller wineries in…

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Flash Fiction Maxx Highgate Bales of Hay in Niagara

Maxx Highgate Visits Niagara: Flash Fiction

She had been putting it off for long enough now.  She’d found every excuse to avoid making that call to Maxx.  She didn’t need a reminder, but still wrote his name on a slip of paper that she’d been using as a bookmark for the last 3 weeks. Ella took off her glasses, rubbed her…

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Niagara Floral Showhouse a Place for all Seasons

Sometimes a post calls for a series of pictures with few words attached. After all, pictures speak a thousand words don’t they? The Floral Showhouse in Niagara Falls is just the kind of place where the pictures can do the talking. Just steps from the Horseshoe Falls, it is a warm and cozy way to…

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Is Niagara the New Tuscany

Is Niagara the new Tuscany. Discover the similarities between these two beautiful places that share so much in common, including the same latitude., Travel Niagara and Tuscany.

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