Abigail’s Tea House A Cozy and Elegant Afternoon

It was a rainy spring day, the kind tailor-made for an unrushed cozy
afternoon tea. And Abigail’s Tea House in St. George, Ontario was the perfect
spot to indulge in some hygge and cozy relaxation over High Tea.

The welcoming green door on the corner of Main St. in the quaint little
town of St. George is impossible to miss. Avoiding the raindrops, we darted
across the street from the parking lot ready for a warm cuppa.

Ivan and Lorene White, owners of Abigail’s Tea House offered a warm welcome
as we were seated. My eyes were doing flip flops as I tried to take in the
incredible decor. Plush tufted seating, yellow and pink vintage inspired
wallpaper, cerulean green doors, birdcage chandeliers and of course a grand mix of
vintage and vintage inspired dishes and tea ware, all added to the exquisitely designed
English garden theme the owner’s had envisioned for their beloved tea room.

Having purchased the old Bank of Montreal building over ten years ago, Ivan and Lorene renovated and created this incredibly beautiful dream of an English tea shop that exudes cozy comfort and refined elegance in perfect symbiotic unison.

We lounged over a pre-reserved high tea which included a cheese plate, delectable salad, and a beautifully presented three-tiered afternoon tea service with sandwiches, scones and desserts, all prepared in house. I adorned my scones with Devonshire cream and raspberry preserves, and I’ll leave you to wonder which I laid on top.

And of course, don’t forget the tea!  I chose Abigail’s Signature Raspberry Cream Earl Grey, and oh my, it was exquisite.  As a copious tea drinker having my very own pot was lovely. The reproduction floral pot juxtaposed the masculine vintage pot my husband was presented with. And brewing inside was his own delicious choice of Vanilla Black tea.  Yes, I tested it out too.

I know, I know, nobody cares about what I ate and drank.  That’s so 2000s social media right? Let’s just say it was all spectacular.

Abigail's Tea House St. George Ontario

What I was intrigued by was the owners’ story.  It was lovely to speak with Lorene about their retirement dream that has turned into a busy business. The ambiance draws people in, but the divine homemade delicacies, service. and warm and friendly nature of Abigail’s owners certainly keeps people coming back for more.  I would have liked to have chatted longer, and wondered why they chose the name they did for their business.  Is there a story behind who Abigail is? I’m not sure. I guess I’ll have to go back to find out.

As we wound our way home along relaxed country roads, passing rain soaked fields and barren trees that would soon spring to life, I thought about the joy of simple pleasures and the abundance that comes from an uncomplicated afternoon celebrated in a quaint little tea shop.

Here is how I explain life in 5 simple sentences while enjoying a cozy tea at Abigail’s Tea House.

Good to Know if you Go

Abigail’s Tea House is busy especially on weekends so book in advance here https://abigailsteahouse.com/reservations/ and you’ll hear back very quickly.

Vegetarian and Gluten-free options easily available, but give 24 hours notice.

Here’s the menu and as you can see it’s a great place for a relaxed lunch too. It isn’t just about tea, but tea time makes everything possible so go ahead and indulge.

Abigail's Tea House St. George Ontario

Their loose leaf teas and delicacies are available for takeaway so why not indulge further.