When Sundays Were Slow

If you are from my generation you’ll remember a time when Sundays really were the restful day of the week. Shops and malls were closed. There was time for a leisurely breakfast after a slow wakening. And some people found joy in taking the day to visit church and immerse themselves in their faith.

I always loved Sundays. The mornings anyway. It was always a day of quiet, time spent with family, and extra time spent in pyjamas.

Sunday evenings however meant preparing for the week ahead and the anxieties of things to come, but still there was time for reflection and quiet introspection through writing or reading a good book.

I’m trying now at this stage of my life to enjoy Sundays again. It isn’t always possible, but even a few moments of peace and reflection on the week gone by, is a joyful feeling.

I made this video to reflect that joy. I hope you enjoy these precious quiet moments on your Sunday. Let me know if I should make more of these. And how you feel about Sundays. Have a beautiful day! Even though it’s Monday morning in some parts of the world. 😁