Happiness Project Week 1

Today is the first day of Spring, a time of renewal, rebirth, and rejuvenation. As we emerge into this new season I do so with gratitude and joy as much as I can. So today I am beginning the Happiness Project. It is my way of sprinkling happiness like fairy dust everywhere I go. We all need a little more focus on the positive happy things in life don’t we.

So, each Tuesday I will give you a prompt and an affirmation for the week. Use these to guide you towards a joyful life filled with gratitude and happiness.

Oh I know it isn’t easy, especially when things aren’t going our way, however, acknowledge that feeling and use these prompts to shift the perspective to the simple beauty and simple joys of life. There are many.

Here is your very first prompt and affirmation. Let me know how it goes this week. I’m going to join you on this journey and I wish you great happiness!