The Mothering Circle and Gooseberries

It feels like eons ago when I became a mother, and thus have celebrated many Mother’s Days. The early days of spaghetti necklaces, friendship bracelets and homemade cards splattered with paint are far behind me. I miss them somehow.

Fast forward to yesterday and for the first time ever I celebrated Mother’s Day at my eldest daughter’s house. She was married this past summer and though I’ve been to her place countless times, yesterday was super special.

How do we go from spaghetti necklaces and dive bombs into bed to lush brunches at your child’s home? It happened so fast!

I won’t mention the teenage years in between full of angst and rapid growth for both mother and child.

Spending time at my daughter’s yesterday, watching her and her husband working together in the kitchen made me think about the circle that is life and mothering too.

Mothers Day love

It all comes down to love doesn’t it. In all the details that contain the energy of thought and kindness. Beyond the flowers and gifts and the loving sign they strung and hung over a doorway, it’s all love. It was even exemplified in their elegantly prepared fruit board placed in heart shapes with round gooseberries defining the heart.

Fruit board of love

Still, how do we get here so fast? I’m so grateful to have taken the time back then to slow down and enjoy those moments. Elbows and knees digging into my side, books read by flashlight under makeshift tents, pizza parties on the bedroom floor, body painting outdoors in summer, what a mess, but gosh so many memories to savour.

It wasn’t all bows and roses believe me. There were also hollow days filled with grief and thermometers, scraped knees and swallowed bits of braces, sibling squabbles to settle and teenage drama to survive, plenty of time spent in emergency, and of course plenty of mess.

My mom could write these same words as I write about my daughter. I learned from her, she’s learned from me and the circle continues, round like the gooseberries my daughter loves and that remind me of my mother’s gooseberry jam.

I hope all you who mother children had a wonderful Mother’s Day and I hope you savoured the moment as I savoured the gooseberries on my daughter’s fruit board, while I thought about the circle of a mother’s love, it’s unending.