Happiness Project Week 10

Did you sing last week? Out loud? How did it make you feel? I hope you found the power in your own voice.

This week’s happiness prompt and affirmation requires another person, or two. I hope it brings you a few minutes of joy and happiness. And I encourage you to write down how you feel as you complete a prompt each week.

Here’s the prompt for this week:

The Happiness Project is 

my way of sprinkling happiness like fairy dust so that we can shift our perspective towards a happier more joyful life. Each Tuesday I will give you a prompt and an affirmation for the week. Use these to guide you towards a joyful life filled with gratitude and happiness. Think of it as your own gratitude journal.

Once in a while we’ll do a check-in to see how your happiness is improving.

Happiness Community Shares:

Join the Happiness Community by writing a post, or sharing an image using the happiness prompt. Leave a comment and/or link your post in the comments so others can see it, and I will know to share it in next week’s post.

Last week:

Margie from https://backroadsandotherstories.com said that she was going to sing even if she didn’t know the words. Tell us what you sang Margie.

Wynne Leon the beautiful soul from Surprised by Joy, https://wynneleon.com said, “The thing I love about living with young kids is that they sing all the time without self-consciousness. My 7-year-old was telling me tonight that she’s making up song lyrics about wanting to become a butterfly. So, yes, I sing every day and I’m grateful for this prompt to help extend that note of pleasure in hearing my voice and those of my little ones…Thank you!” 

That really is something to consider, why do we become self-conscious about singing out loud when we are adults? I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, Dance like nobody’s watching. Maybe we should extend that to, Sing like nobody’s listening.

Cee Neuner from https://ceenphotography.com/ wrote a heartwarming post about the Music Within. You must read it here https://ceenphotography.com/2023/05/19/when-your-body-surrenders-happiness-project/

Cee found her voice, it wasn’t easy. But finding a songs lyrics is so easy these days. Back in the pre-internet days things were a little different. Find out what Cee did to find her voice and what people of our generation did to find the lyrics.

I hope you found some moments of happiness last week while you found your voice!

This week I wish you plenty of happiness and hope you feel the joy of connection that comes from human touch.