Happiness Project Week 4

Remember days spent at the beach? These are usually lounge-worthy days, full of sunshine and blissful relaxation. Reading a good book, building sand castles, going for a long romantic walk, cold drinks and juicy fruit, whatever your flavour, beaches are evocative of happy memories. Can you hear the sound of waves, children laughing, dogs barking? It’s a beautiful memory isn’t it?

This week’s Happiness Project asks you to dig down into your memory, via your camera roll or photobox and remember one special beach day. Then close your eyes, take a deep breath and remember how it felt. And each day this week, let that memory take you there and fill you with joy.

Here’s the prompt and affirmation for this week.

I hope you enjoyed last week’s prompt and were able to use it to encourage more of the simple joys to enter your life. If you missed any of the prior weeks you can find them here , https://lifewithalegria.com/category/happiness-project/

The Happiness Project is

my way of sprinkling happiness like fairy dust so that we can shift our perspective towards a happier more joyful life. Each Tuesday I will give you a prompt and an affirmation for the week. Use these to guide you towards a joyful life filled with gratitude and happiness. Think of it as your own gratitude journal.

I also share your happiness here, so link your happiness post in the comments below, ping back to this post, or share your thoughts about this week’s prompt in the comments. I will share it in next week’s post.

Happiness Shares:

Wynne Leon who is always full of joy, reported back after a week of considering some self-love and said this, “I have to report back to you on this, Alegria! It took me several days but over the weekend I wrote myself a love letter. It was a fascinating thing to do because it helped me see some of the things I do with a little bit of remove. I could write about the areas where I expend a great deal of energy and time and see the impact a little bit more when putting pen to paper. So thank you, my friend! ❤”

Janice Reid thought the self-love may make her husband jealous. I doubt it. Based on Jan’s writings about her family there’s a lot of love there and a little self-love is always appreciated too.

On YouTube Julie Ann Frazier commented by saying, “If I were to write a love letter to myself it would be to thank myself for listening to my heart/intuition. It has been a long road and at every turn this has enabled me to grow in delightful ways.” Julie also commented on the gratitude she felt for her husband, the love of her life, and was grateful for a week of healing well after surgery. Gratitude does bring us to joy.

I hope you will find gratitude, healing and joy this week and let me know how you find this week’s prompt. I’d love to hear about your beach day.