What is the Meaning of Spring

Happy first day of Spring! Here she comes bringing joy and hope. Full of meaning.

This past week Spring provided a teaser. We had two beautiful days of almost summer weather with temperatures as high as 20C. Suddenly, the birds emerged singing their beautiful songs, flitting from branch to branch with excitement in the season.

The air felt light, the cold sting of winter softened by the warmth of the sun and full of joyful sounds. Nature was waking from her slumber and as we notice the little signs, we awaken too.

Spring on the banks of the Grand River in Dunnsville

In the little town of Dunnville which is just outside of the Niagara region, we met a couple on the banks of the Grand River. They were full of the joys of Spring, and we had an elated conversation while their dog leapt happily into the water to retrieve a thrown ball adding to the joyful ambiance. Seagulls fly overhead and children run carefree into the arms of grandma. Everyone outdoors joyfully appreciating the change in seasons, giving meaning to Spring.

Spring is a unique season. The only season that signals promise and rebirth, freshness and light, hope and joy. Come along with me this slow silent Sunday to appreciate all the little sights and sounds of the season that brings such hope and joy to our lives. I hope you feel the joy.

Happy First Day of Spring! 🌸

What does Spring mean to you? And should I capitalize the word? I do, but I’m never sure.