Spring is Late and I’m Craving Flowers

It’s been particularly cool this spring in Niagara, Canada. Cherry Blossoms have barely budded and the lilacs are still tiny pods waiting to burst forth.

As I wander around my garden, I can’t help but crave the colour and beauty of flowers. What do you do when you are craving flowers and it has been a long grey winter?

Don’t get me wrong, winter has its romance for me, but it is now May and I am ready for spring flowers and all that comes with spring, both the rain and the sunshine.

My remedy was to take myself off to the garden centre, where there is always something blooming. You can see my little jaunt in this video. And you’ll also see the significant difference in the cherry blossoms and lilac trees between May 1st last year and May 1st of this one.

Of course nature is a great teacher and from her we learn patience. Everything, including spring will happen in its own time, and as Mother Nature deems possible.

I can’t wait to garden and celebrate in the joys of spring, but for now I wait. Especially this week, when it is all rain and unseasonably cool temps.

As you will see from these images, the forsythia bushes have just bloomed and the willow tree is barely sprouting. On the bright side, at least the grass is green and ready for cutting.

Spring is Late and I'm Craving Flowers
Spring is Late and I'm Craving Flowers

What is spring like where you are?

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