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Remember the original purpose of blogs where people would just write for the fun of writing and to share something of themselves and their experiences? I’d like to bring that back here, while telling you stories of my travels in places around the world, and closer to home in Niagara. There’s also some fun fiction to read, and some inspiring people to learn about.

Pushing aside the madness of our world, thousands of pop-ups, advertisements and social media posts, I’d like this blog, Life with Alegria to be a place of calm and joy. And hope you find something within my writing, photography or videos that resonates with you.

You may know that Alegria means joy in the Latin languages.

Through my stories and experiences I hope to spread joy, share the beauty that is all around us and recognize that there is still good in humanity. Life isn’t perfect, but it can be joyful. Sharing our stories and common experiences makes it so.

So come live life with joy, and share in my stories both real and fiction! And I hope you’ll share yours with me too.

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