Happiness Project Week 7

If it’s spring in your part of the world you may see some beautiful blossoming trees. There’s really something magical about trees that flower to beat fruit later in the season. It speaks of hope and abundance.

This week’s Happiness Project is all about noticing and appreciating that abundance, while acknowledging your own blossoming.

If you want to catch up with the previous weeks of happiness, find them all here https://lifewithalegria.com/category/happiness-project/

The Happiness Project is 

my way of sprinkling happiness like fairy dust so that we can shift our perspective towards a happier more joyful life. Each Tuesday I will give you a prompt and an affirmation for the week. Use these to guide you towards a joyful life filled with gratitude and happiness. Think of it as your own gratitude journal.

I also share your happiness here, so link your happiness post in the comments below, or share your thoughts about this week’s prompt in the comments. I will share it in next week’s post. Tell me what you noticed.

Happiness Shares:

Anita, from https://100countrytrek.com who finds joy in travelling says last week’s prompt caught her attention.

Wynne Leon the beautiful soul from Surprised by Joy, https://wynneleon.com who is always having fun with her children, said, “What a beautiful prompt. And it was well-timed because today was sunny enough that we got the water table out to play in the yard. As I soaked in all the sounds coming from my yard, I looked up at the sky and felt the expansiveness extend all the joy going on in yards all over the neighborhood as we soaked up sun and sounds.”

Joy is expansive, isn’t it. And can be found everywhere.

Margie from https://backroadsandotherstories.com was grateful for the happiness guidance.

I’m hoping we will all find ourselves on the journey to joy.

Janice Reid from https://accordingto.me says that it was dark when she looked up, but had hope for the next day.

Secret tip Jan, the night sky is pretty magical too.

This week I wish you all joy and abundance as we find happiness in blossoming trees. Or in falling leaves if you are in the southern hemisphere.