Anne With an E and the Beauty of Nature

Lately I’ve been watching Anne with an E. It is, I am proud to say, a Canadian show based on the classic book series beginning with Anne of Green Gables. The television series is a partnership between the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Netflix. I’ve binged watched the three seasons, and yearn for more. Apparently the series is not going to be renewed.

As a young person I read most of the books by Lucy Maud Montgomery and fell in love with them. I am now in love with the series. Everything about it, from the acting, music, cinematography and the gorgeous filming locations, including Prince Edward Island. Various scenes showcase the beauty of nature and Anne’s love of the natural world.

The protagonist, Anne Shirley Cuthbert is a vivacious young girl who’s love of life is infectious. I also relate to her extreme love of nature and her sensitivities to all around her, including the animals. The show touches on many sensitive topics and delves deep into the emotions, which naturally resonates with many, making it a fan favourite.

To say tears were shed in the watching of this series would be an understatement. Tears were also shed in the making of this short film I created to celebrate our home planet on Earth Day today, and my love of Anne With an E.

I hope you love this video as much as I enjoyed making it. And let me know if you remember reading the books.

Isn’t the beauty of our Earth just magnificent?

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