Happiness Project Week 6

Welcome or welcome back to the Happiness Project, where each week we live mindfully so that we can let joy and happiness into our lives. How many hugs did you give last week?

This week’s prompt asks you to stop and notice something that is available to all of us. Then feel the feelings and share your thoughts in Comments.

Click the download button and save the printable paper to files or print out to use all week long. It will keep you finding happiness throughout the week in the simple joy of our shared canopy.

If you want to catch up with the previous weeks of happiness, find them all here https://lifewithalegria.com/category/happiness-project/

The Happiness Project is 

my way of sprinkling happiness like fairy dust so that we can shift our perspective towards a happier more joyful life. Each Tuesday I will give you a prompt and an affirmation for the week. Use these to guide you towards a joyful life filled with gratitude and happiness. Think of it as your own gratitude journal.

I also share your happiness here, so link your happiness post in the comments below, or share your thoughts about this week’s prompt in the comments. I will share it in next week’s post.

Happiness Shares:

Wynne Leon who is a beautiful writer that offers much depth on her blog, Surprised by Joy, https://wynneleon.com tells us that hugs from kids are plentiful. Isn’t it true that children love hugs. It just come naturally. So why don’t we hug as much as adults? Something to think about.

Margie from https://backroadsandotherstories.com doesn’t come from a very huggie family, some family’s just don’t hug much, but when they do it is extra special, as Margie says.

Janice Reid from https://accordingto.me says that last week’s prompt is super easy. I hope so and hope you tried it out.

I wish you joy and happiness this week in the inspiring moments you’ll experience under our big sky.