A Walk by the Sea by Krisztina Csiki: Book Review

A Walk by the Sea written by author Krisztina Csiki is a story about relationships and the depth of feeling that comes from both beautiful and difficult ones.

If you’re looking for an autobahn speed fast-paced thriller this book isn’t for you, but if you are looking for depth, lyrical prose, and a story that winds like a forest road with an unknown destination painted with the bliss of nature’s landscape, then you are in for a delightful treat.  The excitement is in the journey.

Krisztina Csiki’s writing is beautifully descriptive, full of emotion and reads like a gorgeous sonata.  The depth of her imaginative words decorate the mind with colourful images that draw you in to read on and on, sometimes wishing you were a visitor inside the scene, getting to know these layered characters intimately, experiencing all the colours of Csiki’s words.  Words that are exquisitely arranged, flowing loose and eloquently breezy, while captivating the mind.

Here’s an example, “Ominous slate clouds cover the gloomy tangelo sunset. Meriel stares into the watery raspberry speck of sun from behind her window, taking deep breaths from the heavy, rain-soaked air, from which the wind carries droplets of water into her house, onto her face.

On the chestnut tree, a blackbird tries to perch itself on a twig that curves under its weight.  Meriel thinks about the exhibition as she watches the bird endeavour to achieve balance and maintain a look of nobility, fated to fail from the beginning.  The thought of an art buyer being interested in her paintings seems ridiculous to her now.

Later, she sips Earl Grey in the rocking chair, stroking Marshmallow who purrs in her lap.  It’s already late.  If he wanted to come, he should have gotten here by now.”

Every scene like this one is a work of art that renders the reader lost in time and space and of course lost in the gradually unveiling story behind Csiki’s lush words and characters.

It all comes to a shocking end and my only critique of this book is that it ended. 

Take the time to enjoy this book while sitting by the sea in the summer or wrapped in a blanket on a cool winter morning with a coffee cup steaming by your side.  The time and place are irrelevant.  You’ll get lost in this book no matter where you are.  Just take the time to read it.

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