Gratitude on a Summer Walk

Yes, it is the middle of winter here in the northern hemisphere, so why a summer walk now? Because from my perspective, this is exactly when I need it most. Come along with me and let’s see what we find.

Walking in the woods, just being quiet in nature brings a lot of joy, and gratitude for all the little things around us. Reliving that summer joy in the middle of winter is additionally joyful.

I enjoy the cozy of winter, but thinking about the summer sunshine, green trees, happily singing birds and wildflowers growing in abundance, has a special feel that only summer can deliver.

This path on the Niagara Escarpment that I’ve walked many many times always has something new to offer in every season. In summer the grasses grow high, while dappled sunlight falls on the Queen Anne’s Lace that adds a touch of nature’s elegance to the trail.

Birds and bees revel in the warmth of sunshine with few humans around. And I try not to break their reverie with my presence. I’m just passing through, quietly taking it all in with gratitude. Gratitude for the quiet, the sunshine, the green trees, wildflowers and their presence. There’s so much to be grateful for on this summer walk. At least that’s what I found.

Here’s a little video of my summer walk that I hope will bring you some joy. See what you find.

Perhaps soon if you’d like, I’ll share a winter walk with you of the same place and tell you what I found there last winter in the deep snow. Something odd, in addition to the gratitude.