It’s No Laughing Matter

The sun is setting on my Bloganuary efforts and I have three reasons why. Let me tell you. If you would like to listen.

For one, this virus is playing a great game with me. Sometimes using my head as a futbol and at other times burning me like I’ve taken a trip to the surface of the sun. Finding the energy to tap out my thoughts is no laughing matter. Though there are great moments of blue skies and I actually got some much needed work done today, from my headquarters in bed.

The second reason is the whole posting daily thing. Though I admire people who can and do take the time to write on a daily basis, I’m a strong believer in quality over quantity. I can’t push out quality on a daily basis even though you most probably can. Pushing out posts just for the sake of it only adds to the detriment and degradation of the internet. The internet is bad enough with its overgrowth of inaccurate facts or opinion based information and I don’t want to add to the melee.

And the third reason is, I am not finding the prompts as inspiring as I’d hoped they be. Perhaps I haven’t given it enough time, but every prompt thus far has been self-centric. I’d rather not talk solely about myself, I’d love to dialogue in a deep and effective way. I’d like to share joy and meaningful moments that bring clarity to our journey together. And share some of the experiences where I’ve learned something you may find valuable.

Do you really want to know what makes me laugh, or what my favourite childhood toy was, or who in the world inspires me. I’m one person on a planet of 8 billion souls, I doubt very much what I say about myself in any of those instances, is going to make an enormous difference to the trajectory of anybody’s life. Actions may, but seldom do self-centric words, unless it is a particularly motivating personal story.

My little survey yesterday revealed that there is a split in how people are feeling about this. I only had a few responses, but it was a nice guage. Many read, few responded. Thank you to those brave souls who took the time to respond. (If you haven’t done the survey and would like to I’ll link it below.)

And I do see the benefits of Bloganuary, after all I met some new people and I’m very much enjoying our connection, but I suspect our connection will be just as valid if I don’t post everyday.

So I’m certain this post won’t be very popular. It goes against the grain, I understand that. Though it is how I honestly feel. Blame it on the fever. It’s no laughing matter. Or maybe she’s just born this way.

Here’s the link to yesterday’s survey post.

And about the feature image, that’s an unedited picture of Sunset Beach in St. Catharines, Niagara, Ontario. It’s a beautiful beach and you can see why it’s called Sunset Beach. The lens flare couldn’t be helped (apologies) . I still thought it was a beautiful serene image.