Inspired or Not

Today’s Bloganuary prompt from WordPress asks, Who is someone that inspires you and why?

To me, inspiring people are everywhere. I could write at length about great minds from earlier times like Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, and everyday heroes that are working through this pandemic tirelessly.

I could also write about people like yourself perhaps, that are caring for your children, teaching them to be good people. There are teachers, doctors, and the Tim Horton’s lady that serves you a coffee with a smile at the drive thru every morning, regardless of her circumstances. They are all inspiring.

There are so so many inspiring people in our world, so I very much doubt you want to hear about who specifically inspires me.

What I’m curious about, and I’m the very curious type is, are you inspired by Bloganuary?

Here’s a 1 minute survey that will give us some insight into how the WP Bloganuary community is feeling, or at least those that answer. I hope you’ll take the time to let me know, and it will provide some insight into whether I want to keep going or not.

Be assured that no personal data is collected and I have no way of telling who answered what, which encourages honesty. I very much look forward to the results. Remember to hit the Submit button at the end. Thanks for your time!