I Wish I Knew: Bloganuary Day 5

Today’s Bloganuary prompt from WordPress is, What is something you wish you knew how to do.

For me the biggest thing I wish I knew how to do would be to go back in time when international travelling was easier. Provided of course we don’t have to come back and live through all this madness again.

Back in the day, crossing the Canada US border was easy as slicing pie. Sometimes a license would suffice. Sometimes you didn’t even need ID. As a kid in the back of a wood panelled station wagon my only concern when crossing the border was when are we going to get there, because cross border trips were all about fun day excursions or summer vacations.

Air travel was also simpler in earlier times. You didn’t have to check in almost half a day in advance to ensure you got through all the checks. And I won’t even get into the change in in-flight services.

9/11 changed everything. Things got stricter at the border and airport security meant long line ups, bare feet, and the inability to carry some necessities in your hand luggage.

Now with the pandemic things are even worse. Therefore my desire to move back to a simpler time in travel. I wish I knew how. Anybody have a teleporter?

I travelled to Italy pre-pandemic. At the time, though I fell head over heels in love with Florence I was taken aback by how busy and tourist driven the city was. Sometimes it was difficult to enjoy the moment in-depth due to the hoards of tourists crowding the streets and piazzas. Mostly around tourist attractions.

I did however love the sounds of the city, especially when I’d hear Italian spoken in its beautiful lyrical way. And I was able to find some of those beautiful narrow streets devoid of the crowds, to photograph.

Looking back it feels so odd to see crowds of maskless people. Will we ever get used to it again?

I hope you enjoy this little video that will give you an insight to the street scenes and sounds of Florence. I guess this is my teleporter. Won’t you join me?