Road Trip Dreams in Italy: Bloganuary Day 2

Today’s Bloganuary prompt from WordPress is, What is a road trip you would love to take?

That’s easy peasy, because a road trip to anywhere conjures up great visions of summer freedom and fun. I have a romantic notion of road trips, the open road, rest stops along the way, naked feet up on the dash, singing vociferously, and slowly sipping on an Iced Capp until you get down to the icy slush at the bottom.

I’ve done a few road trips along the blue shores of Lake Huron, up through Northern Ontario, to the southern most tip of Canada, Pelee Island, and of course to Quebec and Montreal a couple of times.

The one road trip that I would love to take however is through the Italian countryside. Though I have driven or rather, been driven through Italy’s Tuscan countryside, my dream involves a fun road trip under the summer sun in a small, sporty convertible taking the hairpin turns around bends lined with olive groves and cypress trees. Stopping occasionally at a little café or trattoria for lunch overlooking the vineyards, little towns, and villages that dot the lush countryside

Though I have done it, it was in a bus with a group of people and I didn’t feel like I got the opportunity to linger. Such is the disadvantage of group travel, so going it individually with hubby as the driver would be an absolute dream.

I also love movies that involve road trips. These are the 3 that come to mind and I would be happy to join in on any of these.

  1. All Roads Lead to Rome. This is a fun Canadian movie starring Sex and The City’s Sarah Jessica Parker that takes us on a wild road trip through Italy. It involves the rebellious teenage daughter of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, handsome Luca, and his mother. Since my kids are past their teen years and my mother is passed (bless her), that leaves only handsome Italian Luca and I. I can do that! Here’s a little snippet:
  2. Kodachrome. This fantastic movie involves a road trip that requires the repair of a difficult father, son relationship and their mission to develop dad’s last few rolls of Kodachrome film. This takes them on a road trip that is inspiring and heartening. Who remembers Kodachrome film rolls? I think I still have a couple of undeveloped ones. Here’s a little trailer of the movie:
  3. Green Book. This movie is one of my favourite movies of all time, taking us on a road trip through the American deep south at a time of racial segregation. And the development of a friendship between jazz pianist Don Shirley and his driver/bodyguard Tony Vallenlonga. It is based on a true story and you can read and see more about it here in a previous blog post I wrote.

Road trips are truly dreamy. I’d love to hear about a road trip you’d love to take. Let me know in the comments below, or if you wrote a Bloganuary post you can link it here so I can find it easily. Thanks for reading mine!