Book Review: Trillium by Margaret Lindsay Holton

Experience Niagara through the eyes of three families in this historical and adventurous multi-generational fictitious epic by prolific Author, Margaret Lindsay Holton.  Trillium is a riveting story set around the shores of Lake Ontario, covering 250 years and begins with Tom Hartford.

Tom, the eventual patriarch of the Hartford family, crosses the treacherous Niagara River as a young soldier to begin the saga that will take you through issues and circumstances pertinent to human behaviour that transcend cultures and eras.

The book journeys through the history of indigenous peoples and their close connection to the settling of Niagara and Southern Ontario.  It encompasses the rich history and places in the Niagara Region along with the beginning of the ice wine industry, the migration of Italians to the area, and migrant Mexican farm labourers. Trillium also tackles the story of twin brothers one a closet gay, the other rambunctious, born of a hedonistic father and a con man grandfather. 

Throughout the journey you’ll hear of Anna D’Angelo, a young girl with an intellectual disability who finds joy in her potting shed, gardening, testing, growing, and is the first one who cultivates grape vines, turning the vineyard’s bounty into a sweet delicious ice wine.

As you journey through the ages with the families, you will find some characters endearing, some repulsive, all compelling you to read on. Their stories and experiences drawing you in with Holton’s imaginative voice and a rich verbiage that produces vivid imagery in the reader’s mind.  I am now on the hunt for the Whistleman Winery.  Is it real?

Margaret Lindsay Holton Author of Trillium
Author, Margaret Lindsay Holton

Trillium is beautifully written, though the first edition did include several spelling and grammatical errors, now corrected, it is the story that captivates and mesmerizes.  The ending will shock you, but leave you wanting more. 

Dear Lindsay, please tell me you have a sequel in the works.

Trillium is available for purchase on Amazon in both paperback and digital (Kindle) versions.  

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