Thursday Doors in Florence Italy

The doors all over Florence, Italy are enormous heavy wooden doors that grace the façade of buildings and lead to fabulous courtyards tucked away from the bustle of the city.

Florence Italy along the Arno River

This magnificent door is on Lungarno Torrigiani which runs along the Arno river.  This river that runs through Florence separates the neighbourhoods geographically, but the many bridges that cross it, connect communities. 

The street is lined with Vespas, a fun and easy way to get around the city, making parking much simpler. 

The Italian language is like music to my ears. I just had to take a little video of this man talking on his phone, while lighting a cigarette and holding onto his Vespa. And they say men can’t multitask.

It was a beautiful summer evening and I had arrived just a couple of hours prior.  Jet lag was beginning to settle in as the trip from Niagara took nearly an entire day. Though exploring the streets on the first day and enjoying a snack in an outdoor café was high on the I Have Arrived List.

Florence Italy along the Arno River

In the distance you can see the Ponte Vecchio.  The bridge is known for its fine jewellery and artisan shops, and is an exceedingly popular tourist spot for both, the magnificent views of the Arno as well as for some memorable purchases. It is a pedestrian only zone, which is the case with a few streets in the city centre, making Florence an extremely walkable and fun city to visit.

The view over the Arno river from the Ponte Vecchio

More doors from Florence in the future I’m sure.

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature thanks to the creativity of Norm Frampton. I discovered it via Brenda’s blog.

This is my first post on Thursday Doors and I will now sift through my thousands of photographs for doors for future posts. At least we can travel vicariously and via memory for now. I look forward to seeing all your fabulous doors as we are forced to stay within our own!

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