The Gardens at Villa Le Corti Chianti Tuscany

This narrow door beyond the lavender was an inviting focal point for me in the garden at Villa Le Corti, the residence of the Principe Corsini and his family in Chianti Tuscany. The 230 acres of the estate set in the Tuscan landscape is splendid, but this garden door set in an ancient stone wall really caught my attention.

Beyond the door the lavender was in full bloom as were an assortment of roses resplendent in their glory under a warm summer Tuscan sun.

The ancient walls whispered their stories of the over 650 year history of this magnificent place, while the old stone fountain, a common necessity of the past in many Italian gardens, lay almost hidden behind the trees having lived its days out.

The gardens at Villa Corti Principe Corsini Chianti Tuscany

I walked up to the locked wrought iron gates and was greeted by the family dogs telling me the prince and princess were not home. A gaze through the gates revealed the locked front door. The doggies were right.

I would have to return another time.

And I will, to share with you the beautiful old wine cellars at Villa Le Corti. The wines are available in the wine shop you see beyond these doors with their classic leaded panes, spotless and shining like diamonds.

Up those stairs for a wine tasting first, as I sink into my chair remembering with joy that beautiful garden and the door that got me here.

Read about the ancient wine cellars at Villa Le Corti and see the beautiful images here.