Niagara Farm Market Stall a Local Favourite

It was a brilliant Niagara August afternoon.  The sun high in the sky insinuated more warm days ahead, while the scent of peaches carried on the summer breeze, drifted into my car through the open window.  I knew where I had to go, because peach season in Niagara is short and sweet.  Yes, very sweet and much too short.

Hildreth Farm Market Beamsville Niagara

I turned onto Greenlane in Beamsville, Niagara and pulled into the Hildreth Farms’ market stall.  Packed with fresh Ontario produce, this market stall is a beautiful sight, and you just have to stop to experience it.

Hildreth Farm Market Flowers
Hildreth Farm Market Stall

Tucked neatly into baskets at this time of year are freshly picked Ontario peaches ready to sink your teeth into as the sweet juice drips down your hand.  If you haven’t had a Niagara peach, you haven’t lived.  I wait all year for the harvest in August to savour these gifts from nature.

Hildreth Farm Market Strawberries

Walk into the covered stall and you’ll discover locally grown strawberries, blueberries, corn, celery and more.  The Hildreth’s Farm market offers up seasonal fruits and veggies all summer through to October. 

Hildreth Farms Market Fresh Veggies

Across the street from the farm stall is the pick-your-own strawberry patch.  A day spent in the sunshine picking strawberries is something you and your children will always remember.

Hildreth Farm Strawberry patch

I remember summer days spent laying in the field on a straw bed between the rows of delicate fruit.  I’d look up at the sky listening to the chatter and laughter of my kids while they took their time picking the best strawberries, placing nature’s bounty with love and care into the wooden handled baskets they guarded. 

It’s an easy and simple way to spend a summer day and a memory that will last a lifetime. That was a time before instaphones, so I am drawing on my memory here, and it’s as clear as this August afternoon.

Did You Know: 

Strawberry season in Niagara is somewhere between Mid June to Mid July depending on the weather, while peaches are harvested in August and September.

Hildreth Farm Market Thank you for supporting Ontario farmers

The Hildreth family has been farming in the area for four generations.  Proud to produce fine quality fruits and veggies for the locals and tourists that stop by seven days a week.  Check their website for hours and address.

Hildreth Farm Market Beamsville Niagara
Hildreth Farm Market Jam Lady Jams Beamsville Niagara

You’ll also find some special items at the farm stall, like The Jam Lady’s delicious jams made right down the road in Beamsville.  My favourite is the raspberry, tangy and rich with fruit.  Try it on a pancake at Sunday morning breakfast.  On weekends you can find fresh baked pies and other treats that are not to be missed. 

Niagara is filled with farm stalls offering their freshly picked produce, though I will say that the Hildreth Family Farm Market has become a local favourite and one that you really must visit on your next trip out to Niagara.  I’m glad I did.  The peaches were so good.  I’d share, but they’re all gone.  You’ll just have to go.

Know of a Niagara farm market that shouldn’t be missed?   Let me know in the comments below.