About Girl in Niagara

Thank you for taking the time to get to know what Girl in Niagara is all about.  I was inspired to start this blog as a way to share with you all the wonderful things found in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada.  I have lived in the region for over two decades and have fallen in love with this place – it’s more famous touristy sites and its special nooks and crannies. The nooks and crannies being my favourite.

Niagara is so much more than just the world famous Niagara falls.  Though we house one of the great natural wonders of the world, Niagara is also home to many award-winning wineries, beautiful nature trails, culinary delights, heritage homes, gardens, waterways, geologic wonders, and incredible historic significance due to the war of 1812, which defined our borders with America.  I share all of these with you right here at Girl in Niagara.

My further inspiration comes from a trip to Tuscany.  It is uncanny how many commonalities Niagara shares with Tuscany.  My first ever post discusses those similarities.  I returned from that trip to Italy, grateful for having experienced the beautiful Tuscan region, and ever more grateful for being able to live in Niagara with its bounty of wine, vineyards, natural wonders, and history, similar to Tuscany.

While there I discovered the blog of Girl in Florence and have connected with Georgette through this wonderful connected world we live in. Now you know where the name comes from. I will clarify that I am no girl, I just feel like one.

This blog, Girl in Niagara offers a creative opportunity for me to share with you my joyful adventures, travel stories, winery experiences, the history of Niagara, and some creative writing that acts as an outlet from my work and all the other accoutrements of life. My hope is that you will find Niagara as joyful and exciting as I do.

I hope you’ll visit often by subscribing to my blog and share in the joy of wine, travel and Niagara.

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8 replies to About Girl in Niagara
    1. That’s great Jo. I agree, Florence is one of my favourite cities too. I learned a lot from Georgette aka Girl in Florence while there and even after my trip thanks to her blog. I too have some great shots of Boboli. Perhaps we’ll share ours sometime. Thanks for reading and your message!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your post Michelle. I just read the link you shared and said this, “A great post Michelle, with so many memories. Going across the border was a piece of cake back in the day. I remember as a child laying in the back of my dad’s wood panelled station wagon while crossing the border. Don’t even remember any conversations about ID or anything else. And of course everyone went across the border to the bars, at least once. Great memories. Thanks for sharing!”
      I’m assuming you live far from Niagara now. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to come back for a visit once the pandemic is over.

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