The Joy of Celebrations

It is February 1st, the beginning of a new month and according to the Chinese calendar the beginning of a new lunar year – The Year of the Tiger. Tomorrow will be groundhog day, here in Canada. And in a few days the start of the Olympics will be celebrated in Beijing. We also celebrate Black History Month in February and Valentine’s day will call for the celebration of lovers everywhere. A neighbour meanwhile is still joyfully celebrating Christmas (see picture) and I for one think that’s fabulous. And they aren’t the only ones in the neighbourhood. Let the celebrating continue!

Christmas lights around a lampost. The joy of celebrations

There are other more obscure celebrations this month such as National Library Lover’s Month and National Embroidery Month in the USA.

On February 13th many will be preparing some great dips and plates of nachos to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday, though National Tortilla Chip Day does not occur until Feb 24th. On Feb 16th Mardi Gras celebrations will take place and the following day will be Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten season for Catholics everywhere.

We’ll celebrate telling fairy tales on Feb 26th and two days later we’ll celebrate the tooth fairy.

If you’re not exhausted yet, all this celebrating calls for a Margarita, so pull your glasses out on Feb 22nd for National Margarita Day.

Between all those nachos and margaritas make sure to keep your health in check because the entire month is heart month.

It seems like we humans look for any excuse to celebrate life and why not. Life should be celebrated everyday.

As for me, I’m waiting for Feb 20th when I can get comfy and eat tonnes of muffins and cherry pie, because that’s their special day.

For a complete listing of all the celebrations this month check out this list that I came across.

As silly as all this may seem we as humans find joy in celebration, because celebrations bring us together and that makes life far more meaningful. Whatever you’re celebrating, I wish you joy and togetherness.

What will you be celebrating this joyful month?