Riedel Winewings Winged Satisfaction

She moved through the square.  The weight of her bejewelled deep purple gown made lighter by the merriment around her. Each handsewn gem and jewel glittered like the night sky in the Italian countryside. The shimmer compounded by the brilliant February sunshine.  

Her feathery wings swayed gently as she stepped through the crowds with her wine glass in hand. Her steps agile and deliberate moved towards the goal at the other end of the piazza, like a cat, stealth and silent, until it was too late.

The rich red liquid in her Riedel crystal glass matched her lipstick, the only visible feature on her face.  The rest were shrouded by a decadent mask unlike any other worn at the Carnivale di Venezia today. Long feathery plumes rising from the top matched the movement of her wings as she strode with confidence.  Delicate like porcelain, it hid her identity and contradicted her strength.

Music and laughter filled the air.  Revelry was the goal for all those around her, but not for her.  She would complete this precisely articulated mission and with a laser like focus she worked towards that one purpose. There would be time for celebration later.

“Mi scusi!” He said graciously, as she swung lightly into him, sloshing the red liquid in her wine glass. A sign of things to come.  Her indigo eyes met his for a brief second as she nodded and continued along.

The crowds were an annoyance, but this was the only place to execute her plan and she was the chosen one.

“Who is she?” He mouthed to himself as he began to follow behind in her beguiling footsteps.  The mystery that surrounded her carried with it the intricacies and curves reminiscent of San Marco square, and there was a familiarity to those curves.  He took a deep breath as he quietly followed and realized that the music and revelry faded as he focused on her.

She turned the corner around the pillar to the back of the square, he just a few feet behind.  There were no crowds here, though the sound of people, music, and laughter from the other side filled the emptiness. 

Surprised by the sight of a Cessna 182 standing silently in the open space, he yelled out, “ciao scusami.”

She turned to face him and pulled the mask from her face as shock descended on his.  And in the same smooth motion pulled the Glock 42 from its resting place at her hip, firing it before her mask had time to hit the ground.  The bullet moved through the air in slow motion as her red lips uttered the words, “You took my papa, Manuelo, but you won’t take the company.”  The intensity of mixed emotions on his face as he fell backwards was satisfying. 

She took the last sip of her wine and tossed the glass before slipping out of her Venetian costume. The black body suit she had worn underneath fit her body and her personality like the skin of a black panther who’d finally settled things. Her discarded wings landed on Manuelo’s lifeless body.  Her dress lay in a heap on the inlaid stone of the piazza.  The tossed Winewings glass glided through the air ready to shatter into a hundred crystal pieces as it hit the ground.

But it did not, it was caught one-handed by a man in a dark suit with a purple silk tie and a pocket kerchief.  Of course, only one man in all of Europe has the precision of skill to catch wine glasses like that.  Maximilian Riedel.

She pulled the door of the Cessna towards her, turned on the engine and pulled her headphones on.  He raised the glass to her as she put her finger to her lips symbolizing his required silence.  Let’s see if he’ll keep quiet, she thought.  He had borne witness to her vendetta.  Would she need to come back for him?

I don’t write wine reviews.  I write winemotions.  Who knew wine glasses elicited such a response, but Riedel’s Winewings Wine Glasses certainly did.

Although this story is a work of fiction, Riedel Winewings are absolutely real and are designed and created to enhance your wine experience.

Riedel Winewings wine glasses winged satisfaction

Not sure if specific wine glasses make a difference to the wine tasting experience?  Then you haven’t sipped wine from a Riedel wine glass while simultaneously testing your regular glass.  Yes, there is a difference!

Riedel Winewings wine glasses winged satisfaction

The wings of Winewings allow the aromas of wine to fly up the sides of these Austrian crystal glasses towards the curved rim, while the flat base reminiscent of a plane’s wings gives wine its best advantage at gathering oxygen to push upwards towards the nose.  The difference in aromas is highly evident.

Does the wine taste different?  As you know your olfactory senses are interminably linked to your sense of taste and so yes there is some perceptible difference.  The finer the wine, the more perceptible the difference.

The main point is, how these glasses make you feel, glamourous, mysterious, and satisfied.  That’s what Riedel Winewings did for me.

I hope you will enjoy them too and feel the same sense of winged satisfaction.

There is a lot of research and development that goes into the production of Riedel wine glasses and decanters.

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Thanks to photographer Eugene Zhyvchik for the feature image of Carnivale di Venezia