Hernder Winery Baco Noir a Triumphant Dance

She danced, twirling in a daze.  Her short chiffon skirt trying to keep up with the energy of her movements as she pirouetted and flew into a perfectly timed jete.

She was used to the crowds, the uproarious clapping, and the flashes from cameras, but today it was silent.  Today was a day of practice, pushing herself beyond her given limits in time with the music he played from the piano at the back corner of the stage.  Music he had written for her.

In a daze she moved and lifted to the rhythm, lost in a dream of unimaginable pleasures, swept away from the imaginary approval of all those who wanted something from her.  Everyone, except him.

She thought of the time many years before when she danced.  It was opening night. The season was upon them.  Joyous energy filled the room as they tied her shoes on.  The clip clop of her walk towards the stage drowned out by the orchestra.

A brief silence. A deep breath. A lifting curtain. And the orchestra began to play the music she would always remember.  She danced. The length of her limbs in the air, standing on toes as if it were a cloud beneath her feet. Diving and swooping like a firebird.  Leaps and pirouettes assuring the world that she was the best there was.

She danced, and as she came down from a sissonne she fell.  She heard the crack.  She remembered the sound.  It echoed in her head ricocheting off every corner and every dream.

Laying in a heap on the stage, people aghast, their murmurs and audible shock softened by the tension of her own breath, when she felt him scoop her up into his arms to carry her off the stage, away from the spotlight that had now become her enemy.

That night she thought her life had ended, not realizing it had only just begun.

I don’t write wine reviews. I write winemotions.

This is how Hernder Estate Winery Baco Noir 2017 made me feel.

The Wine

Hernder Winery Baco Noir a wine story and a dance

Varietal:  Baco Noir

Region:  Niagara Peninsula

Notes:  Medium bodied with notes of ripe blackberries and oak that lead to vanilla and smoke on the palate.  Hernder’s 2017 Baco Noir is smooth and supple just like a prima ballerina.

Alcohol:  11%

Price:  $10.95 at Hernder Winery

Special Notes:  This is a VQA wine, which means that the wine is made from quality Ontario grapes only, grown on the winery’s beautiful estate in St. Catharines, Ontario.  Open year-round.

After tasting a slew of bad wines lately, I tasted this Hernder Baco Noir 2017.  It inspired the feeling of triumph and elicited this wine story.  I’m sure you will feel as triumphant as I did drinking it.

Hernder is a beautiful Niagara winery. Visit for a wine tasting, some excellent pizza made by Dan the man and pick up some of this fabulous Baco Noir. A post about the winery and the other wines I purchased, coming soon! In the meantime I’m busy going back for some more Baco Noir.

Hernder Winery Baco Noir a wine story and a dance

Hernder Estate Wines is at 1607 Eighth Avenue Louth, St. Catharines, in Niagara, Ontario. Great wines at excellent prices.

Thank you to photographer Nihal Demirci for the feature image (ballet).