Lola and Pelee Island Ruggles Run

Lola walked along the shoreline, the ferry in the distance had left the dock about 20 minutes before.  She had said her goodbyes and headed back to the cottage with plans to sit in the sunshine with a glass of wine and a good book.  This would be the salve this afternoon.  Goodbyes are always difficult, and she needed a respite from the distance that would now hang between them.

The water lapped at her feet as she lingered along the shoreline. Every once in a while lifting her hand to offer a gentle wave, knowing the distance was too great for her melancholy wave to be seen.

The ruffle on her floral skirt waved too, lightening the mood, but she preferred to hover there in the gloom for a while, allowing the moment to settle within her.

She walked on, flip flops in hand, kicking the water every so often, feeling the sand between her toes and the warmth of the afternoon sun as it rested upon her dark wavy hair.  Suddenly her thoughts were abruptly interrupted by a strange sound as it was lifted by the breeze that blew gently past her ear.  She couldn’t identify the sound, but curious Lola followed it to investigate.

The gravelly sand was warm beneath her bare feet as she moved quickly to uncover the source of the unknown sound.  She stepped over a ridge of rocks strewn by the island tides in winter, and pushed back the foot long grasses that enveloped the mystery she was seeking.

There a set of eyes caught hers.  And the squealing grew louder and more intense.  She had come upon a nest of baby grey foxes.  The tiny creatures all alone.  Lola knew exactly how they felt, but also felt joy in this new discovery.  These little ones were a rarity.  Their tiny ears and soft fur tempting a little pat, but Lola didn’t want to disturb them.  And where was their mother?

Lola looked around, and there in the distance charging towards her was mama fox.  Lola picked up her flip flops and ran as fast as she could, tripping over driftwood and rocks as she went. 

Laughing out loud, she finally stopped and threw herself down on the sandy shoreline letting the cool Lake Erie waters drench her legs and floral skirt. 

She looked out at the horizon.  The ferry was now out of sight, but he’d be back.  Two weeks wasn’t a lot to spend apart considering the years they’d had together.  He had important work to do.  She smiled to herself, what a story she had to tell him when he’d call her later.

I don’t write wine reviews. I write winemotions.

This is how Pelee Island Winery’s The Grey Fox Ruggles Run 2017 made me feel

The Wine

Pelee Island Winery Ruggles Run. The story of Lola and the Grey Fox. Not just a wine review.

Varietal:  Gamay Noir, Zweigelt, Syrah, Lemberger

Region:  Lake Erie North Shore

Notes:  A light bodied wine with notes of Cherry, blackcurrant and lime and a crisp acidity.

Alcohol:  12.5%

Price: Under $15 at the LCBO in Ontario or directly through Pelee Winery.

Special Notes:  This is a VQA wine, which means that the wine offers quality Ontario grapes only.

Pelee Island is the southern most part of Canada and has a unique grape growing climate.  Grapes are grown in Pelee Winery’s island vineyards as well as their vineyards on the mainland in Kingsville. 

I’m sure you’ll feel as joyful as I did drinking it.

My story of the Grey Fox was inspired by Pelee’s Ruggles Run wine and the fact that Pelee Island is the northern most location where this special animal is found.  The grey fox is an at risk species, but Pelee Winery has joined forces with the Nature Conservancy of Canada to protect wildlife habitats.  Purchasing this wine and others from the Pelee VQA core line means you are supporting those efforts.

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