Cono Sur Colchagua Heaven in Chile

Imagine riding a bicycle through the miles and miles of vineyards in Chile.  You may find yourself in the Colchagua Valley, a wine sub region in central Chile.  The bicycle on the label brought great visions of a gentle excursion.  A long stick of bread, some Chanco (Chilean cheese) and a bottle of Cono Sur’s Cabernet Sauvignon blend tucked neatly into the front basket of my bicycle. 

Of course, you must envision my red and white checked cotton blanket that I will lay down to enjoy the delicacies of my spontaneous picnic.  We’ll keep the ants out of it for now as we paint the quintessential picnicky picture.

The sun warm resting on my shoulders. My hair blowing in the breeze, legs stretched out ahead, head tilted back with laughter as I descend a low hill, letting the wheels do all the work.

I disembark my bicycle and listen to the low hum of nothingness. The air has a softness to it here in the valley, gently moving the vines as they grow silently, soaking up the afternoon sunshine. In the vineyard at the side of a rustic road with the Andes majestically watching over me, I unveil life’s little pleasures and sink into Cono Sur Colchagua heaven on my red and white checkered blanket. Will you join me?

I don’t write wine reviews. I write winemotions. 

This is how Cono Sur Cabernet Sauvignon Carmenere Syrah Blend 2019 made me feel.

The Wine

Cono Sur Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2019 a heavenly wine from Colchagua Chile. Read the story.

Varietal:  43% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Carmenere, 22% Syrah

Region:  Colchagua, Central Chile

Notes: Floral notes with red cherries, blackberries and a hint of peppercorn.

Alcohol:  13.5%

Price: Under $15 at the LCBO in Ontario. Available widely elsewhere too.

Special Notes: This wine is organic and vegan. Grown in the Central Valley Region of Chile, Sub-Region Cholchagua.

This Cono Sur blend includes Carmenere which is a descendant of Cabernet Franc and becoming the signature grape of Chile. Carmenere offers lush, juicy flavours and aromas. If you enjoy medium to full-bodied red wines, you will love this varietal.

I’m sure you’ll feel as heavenly as I did drinking it.

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