Chateau Timberlay Bordeaux The Story

The Mercedes moves deftly, silently alongside the Garonne River. Claude rolls down the window that separates driver and passenger and asks if I would like another glass of wine. I’d like to, but I just reapplied my red velvet lipstick, the colour of the sensual residue in my glass. And with a tilt of my head I signal my decline to his gracious invitation.

We pass by the Place de la Bourse shining like a gem in the night. Its regal splendour emanating through every window, lighting up the square as if it were daytime and the sun was shining. The warm glow egging us onward to our destination.

We arrive and Claude opens my door. I step out onto the red carpet, my heels digging into the fibre every so slightly. It isn’t easy walking on a red carpet in six inch stilettoes, but I know how to make it look easy.

I gaze up at the dark sky and notice that the stars seem brighter here in the Bordeaux countryside. I take a minute to take it all in, drawing in a breath of the cool night air. The darkness does nothing to subdue the bright gaiety of the Chateau sparkling like a polished diamond, prepared for my arrival.

Inside the sound of joy, gentle laughter, the clinking of glasses, fine linen, porcelain dishes, and silverware all moving in an elegant singular rhythm under crystal chandeliers.

I gently lift the skirt of my dress just a few inches off the ground to ascend the steps to the open doorway. My black satin gloved hand in the palm of a handsome young man, steadies me.

“She has arrived.” I hear them say.

Yes, I have, I think to myself.

I don’t write wine reviews. I write winemotions.

This is how Chateau Timberlay Bordeaux Superieur 2016 made me feel.

The Wine

A story about Chateau Timberlay Bordeaux Superieur 2016 Wine

Varietal: Predominantly Merlot blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc

Region:  Bordeaux, France

Notes: Blackberries, dark plums, with a whiff of smoke. Firm well-balanced tannins with a long finish.

Alcohol:  14%

Price: Under $20 at the LCBO in Ontario

Something special to note is this wine is an AOP wine bottled on the Robert Giraud estate. Give it an hour or two to breathe before enjoying.

I’m sure you’ll feel as sparkly as I did drinking it.

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