What Do You See

It’s that time of year when winter seems to be dragging on. Add to the ice, snow and cold, the misery of this pandemic, and life may seem as bleak as the grey salted asphalt roads.

Out for a walk the other day I saw a ditch. A ditch? You ask laughingly. She’s going to write about a ditch? Yes, a mere ditch that made me stop and take this picture.

February is behind us today and gives us a chance to look a little deeper. That lingering look means we may see something different or see things differently.

This ditch

Some may see a ditch. I see the deliverance of spring. Water the colour of melted glaciers, and trees and grass that whisper of summer dreams.

I see the laced edges of freedom and time spent with friends. Laughter, joy, and clinking glasses that leave rings of condensation on the patio table.

I see hope and feel it in the warmth of the sun that kisses my face. I see the grace of one season bowing out to another. We wait like all of nature, but soon, soon the time will come. That’s what I see. What do you see?