Niagara Floral Showhouse a Place for all Seasons

Sometimes a post calls for a series of pictures with few words attached. After all, pictures speak a thousand words don’t they? The Floral Showhouse in Niagara Falls is just the kind of place where the pictures can do the talking.

Just steps from the Horseshoe Falls, it is a warm and cozy way to spend a cold winter’s day, a spring day strolling down Magnolia Alley for an Instagram worthy photo op, or enjoy a bright, sunny fall day surrounded by autumn florals.

I’ve been in all the seasons, and the displays are constantly changing, so go often if you can. There’s plenty of paid parking in any season. And always lots to see inside and out on the grounds. Check out the Niagara Parks website for the latest info on displays, hours etc. Admission is $7, now that leaves me speechless.

Here’s to less words and more pics. Let me know what you think, in words of course!